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I'm newb in tapestry but I'm afraid there is no datetimeField object.

If I use t:datefield component, I'll have a calendar to pick a date, but I would like to pick as well the time

I'm using tapestry and I would like to use a component like GTimePicker http://tapestry.apache.org/tapestry4.1/components/dojo/gtimepicker.html or http://tapestry.apache.org/tapestry4.1/components/dojo/dropdowntimepicker.html

but this components looks that are only available for tapestry 4.1

I also tried with chenillekit but version 1.0.2 isn't available to download from maven repository and 1.3.3 is not compatible with my tapestry version

Thanks a lot in advance for any help

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tapx includes a datefield with time option.

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Here is a date time field for Tapestry from Chenillekit. Here's the demo.

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I tried with 1.0.2 but I wasn't able to use it (as I explained editing my question) –  Alberto Fernandez Mar 15 '12 at 17:18

the chenillekit components are outdated for current tapestry releases. i copied the sources from the chenillekit source repo and copied them to my project. there are currently no compile time issues, so you can use them without changes.

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