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We're currently working with NRefactory in a school project, and we noticed some nodes in the AST generated by the demo that we couldn't find a corresponding visit method to. For example:

--Stuff with visit methods
--IsImplicitlyTyped = true

The node in question is IsImplicityTyped. Our question is, will the IsImplicitlyTyped node be visited? If so, by what? If not, where is it, assuming we're in the VisitArrayCreateExpression method?

EDIT: The sample code being parsed.

using System;

class Test
    public void TestMethod()
        int[] arr = new int[5];
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Could you also put code your parsing into the question. – albertjan Mar 13 '12 at 18:03

IsImplicitlyTyped is not a node, it's just a boolean property on the ArrayCreateExpression.

IsImplicitlyTyped will return true whenever ArrayCreateExpression.CreateType is the null node.

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