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Here are my actions in IPython:

> import my_module
> import ipdb

Now, my module lacks any executable code, it only declares classes. So I want to make a statement:

> g = my_module.Graph()
> f = open('test.osm')
> g.from_osm(f)

I want to put a breakpoint inside Graph.from_osm, without editing the file. I don't want to put the latter lines into the file and to do python -m ipdb .... I just want to run commands and debug.

Is this possible?

added: I see, it's possible to

%run -d script_name


> import pdb

but it's impossible to do'statement'), there's no .run in ipdb!

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There is a .run in ipdb 0.8. – gerrit Apr 4 '14 at 13:00
possible duplicate of Stepping into a function in IPython – LondonRob Mar 5 at 17:20

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Perhaps the 'magic' commands %debug and / or %pdb in IPython can help you.

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No, it's not what I look for. They both stop at an exception. I just want to watch program execution step by step. – culebrón Apr 6 '12 at 8:04

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