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I'm trying to run this web aplication of Ruby on Rails with Apache using Phusion Passenger. I already configured the httpd.conf file.

I also have another aplication which runs with 'rails server' commmand, and it's connecting to the development database. However, i don't understand why the aplication which runs with apache it's trying to connect to a production database that i didn't create yet instead development as it should be.

What i have to configure to make my Ruby on Rails application run as development?

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Apache with Phusion provide a production level web server environment, rails server (WEBrick) is a simple web server that lets you test locally. You typically use one or the other on a given machine. But not always :-)

But to answer your question, which database is used by Rails is determined by the RAILS_ENV variable, which is by default, one of production, development or test.

When you create a new rails application, a default database configuration is created in the file app/config/database.yml -- there are separate sections that provide necessary parameters for connecting to your database(s). Other environment-specific configurations may be specified either in the environment.rb or in app/config/environments/<name>.rb.

In your Passenger config, you can set the RAILS_ENV variable as documented here

I just realized also that it seems like Passenger is looking for production (expecting the db name to be someweb_production) -- chances are you have to run a bundle exec rake db:migrate in the production environment in order to (create and) initialize the database. You may need to pass the environment parameter in this case also.

For your local config (rails server) the server will look for a shell environment variable named RAILS_ENV, and you can also pass a specific environment on the command line e.g. rails server --environment=development. I think if neither is specified, rails server defaults to development.

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The problem was that i didn't include the following lines in the Apache conf file:

RailsEnv development
RackEnv development
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