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I have a PHP page on a website that I'd like to be accessible only from another page on that website.

If a user clicks a link to the page, or types the page's address, and does not come from the site's domain, I'd like the page to redirect the user to the index.

Any ideas?

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What you could do is use sessions.

make the index set a variable

$_SESSION['visitedIndex'] = TRUE;

and testing for it in the other pages:

if(!$_SESSION['visitedIndex']) {
  header('location: ....');

make sure you do this before the first echo.

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You could also create an internal service using a $hash = timestamp + internal secret key or your paricular rule.

First page has a link http://www.samesite.com/page_2.php?param=hash

Second page decodes the hash and check the timestamp against a given interval. Otherwise it refuses the display.

As only you know the internal key is impossible to fake.

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Check 'Referer' field?

It's easily hackable, tho. The more reliable way is to check if the used had no active session (if your site assigns them to visitors).

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Use the referer fo this:

if ($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] != "...") {
    header("LOCATION: othersite");
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Referer is too easily manipulated to be realiable –  Neil Aitken Jun 9 '09 at 15:06

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