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class SupportMailer < ActionMailer::Base
  default :from => "email1@gmail.com"

  def welcome_email(ticket)
    case ticket.game
    when "gameone"
        @ticket = ticket
        headers["Reply-to"] = "email1+#{ticket.token}@gmail.com"
        headers["Return-Path"] = "email1+#{ticket.token}@gmail.com"
        mail(:from => "email1@gmail.com", :to => ticket.email, :subject => "Welcome to 1 Support Ticket")
    when "gametwo"
        @ticket = ticket
        headers["Reply-to"] = "email2+#{ticket.token}@gmail.com"
        headers["Return-Path"] = "email2+#{ticket.token}@gmail.com"
        mail(:from => "email2@gmail.com", :to => ticket.email, :subject => "Welcome to 2 Support Ticket")
    when "gamethree"
        @ticket = ticket
        headers["Reply-to"] = "email3+#{ticket.token}@gmail.com"
        header["Return-Path"] = "email3+#{ticket.token}@gmail.com"
        mail(:from => "email3@gmail.com", :to => ticket.email, :subject => "Welcome to 3 Support Ticket")

I've set my default :from, so I don't get why I keep getting this message, I'm also trying to set it via headers to no avail.

here are my settings

ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
  :address              => "smtp.gmail.com",
  :port                 => 587,
  :domain               => "gmail.com",
  :user_name            => "emailx@gmail.com",
  :password             => "password",
  :authentication       => "plain",
  :enable_starttls_auto => true

I just call it like so, SupportMailer.support_response(@message).deliver

How do I fix this?

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The headers are definitely not needed; the code looks correct, and in your case the default :from is overridden by the value in the call to the mail method. I would look upstream where the deliver! method is called, or perhaps in the enviroment files. The error comes from one of the first tests after the deliver! method in the smtp module. – Tom Harrison Jr Mar 13 '12 at 21:37
i've looked in my controller. it looks ok. and my configs look fine. i'll post them – Joseph Le Brech Mar 14 '12 at 9:34
I've added this line the the methods headers "return-path" => "email1@gmail.com" and now it is complaining about At least one recipient (To, Cc or Bcc) is required to send a message, it looks like mail(...) isn't picking up it's parameters. – Joseph Le Brech Mar 14 '12 at 10:20
Hmm -- I tested with my gmail account, with a simple example. Perhaps I see the issue: all the recommendations I see suggest defining the configuration from one of the environment files (I put mine in app/config/environments/development.rb just for the test. It started config.action_mailer.raise_delivery_errors = true config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :smtp config.action_mailer.smtp_settings = {... Maybe this is the problem? Otherwise, I would say: simplify -- take out everything that's not essential. – Tom Harrison Jr Mar 14 '12 at 15:43
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I notice you have no default case for the case statement. If you never end up calling the "mail" method inside your methods in the Mailer class, you'll get that error. Try moving your case statement out to where you call SupportMailer, maybe have methods for each case. That way you never call the SupportMailer unless you've already determined the correct ticket game.

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This is correct. Ideally pull the logic out of the mailer. If you don't want to, you can always do: self.message.perform_deliveries = false if you decide to abort the delivery, don't call return as it will continue the execution and throw the same error. – brupm Sep 13 '12 at 21:20

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