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Is there a difference between creating a viewmodel like so:

var viewmodel = {
  firstName: ko.observable(),
  lastName: ko.observable()


function Person(firstName, lastName) {
  this.firstName = ko.observable(firstName);
  this.lastName = ko.observable(lastName);

viewModel = new Person('john', 'doe');

I'm asking because I'm trying to add a prototype function to the first way and its not letting me. Like so:

viewModel.prototype.toJSON = function () { .. }

Browser complains that prototype is undefined. I'm just trying to do what this article is showing.. but I'm having this problem. And I'm thinking its because of the differences in how I'm creating my viewmodel. Not sure though.

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One way to think about it is that using the first approach, you can only have one single instance of the object, so prototype wouldn't make much sense. To add a toJSON method to it, you can just define it as viewmodel.toJSON = function () { ; };

With the second approach, you can have multiple instances of Person, with different property values. prototype allows you to add your toJSON function to all instances of Person.

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Thank you, that makes perfect sense –  Evan Larsen Mar 13 '12 at 20:07
I was wondering how I can manage 'this' when keeping the viewmodel as a javascript object as opposed to a function definition? I tried `self: this,' but it doesn't seem to work appropriately. –  SCS Nov 15 '12 at 17:02
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