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I really like Dapper Dot Net's interface for mapping objects. However, I already have a mechanism for returning recordsets.

Is there a way that I could just pass a flat recordset over to Dapper's machinery and have it map to whichever objects I specify? In other words, I'd like it to serve as a replacement for things like ValueInjecter/Automapper.


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Not in the existing API; however, the code is fully available if you want to do something different with it. I guess it largely depends on what you "recordsets" are; if thay are IDataReader, then it should just be a case of hoisting the reader code, and forgetting the parameterization/command code.

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Thanks Marc, I'll give that a go. I suppose I was hoping for something more 'out of the box'. –  BlackjacketMack Mar 13 '12 at 21:18

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