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What would be the best grid system for my app?

My app is a huge form. I will only be applying the grid to the content area because that's the only place I need it. The default content area is a section and has no left indent. We also have subsections which should be indented a bit. It can actually go down 4-5 levels of indentation. The problem is sure I could lose a grid for the indent but then you can't split 50/50 is you only have 15 grids left. I currently customized a version of 1kb grid system to handle 2 grids. 1 for sections and 1 for subsections. The 2 are different widths. I'm no sure if that's the best solution but it works.

I had a percentage based gs before but that caused problem with paddings/margins for nested grids.

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It's impossible for us to say what is best for you. Personally, for something rather confined (ie, a big form) then I'd suggest roll your own grid that makes sense for the particulars of your product.

In my experience, the out-of-the-box grid systems (960, blueprint, etc) don't necessarily have really robust options for complex forms.

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Ended up creating a custom grid system. A mix between 960gs and 1kb gs. Works nice! –  Chris Mar 28 '12 at 13:08

You can try my gs, Fluidable. It is based on percentages but is also nestable and has fixed gutters.

But really it sounds like you should just create your own custom solution, its not that hard :)

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