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How do I modify computeBalance() making sure that the amounts enetered in the JTextField is positive ( which I think I did) and is without cents? Example: 100.19 and -49.8 is not acceptable.

public class ATMbizlogic {

    private double totalBalance;
    private boolean rightPinEntered;

     * Creates a new instance of ATMbizlogic
    public ATMbizlogic() 
        totalBalance = 0.0;
        rightPinEntered =  true;

    public void computeBalance(double withdraw, double deposit)
    throws ATMexception 
        if(withdraw <=0)
            throw new ATMexception("Negative withdraw not allowed");

        if(deposit <=0)
            throw new ATMexception("Negative deposit not allowed");

         double balance = deposit - withdraw;

        totalBalance = totalBalance + balance;


    public void checkPin(double pin)
    throws ATMexception 
        if(pin <=0)
            throw new ATMexception("Negative pin not allowed");
        if(rightPinEntered == false)
            throw new ATMexception("Can not take another pin");
        if(pin<1111 || pin>9999)
            throw new ATMexception("Enter a valid pin");
        rightPinEntered = true;


    public double getBalance()
        return totalBalance;
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Well... what seems to be the problem, Jason? – Elliot Bonneville Mar 13 '12 at 20:26
Use int or long instead of double? – Eng.Fouad Mar 13 '12 at 20:28
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if(floor(withdraw) != withdraw)
    throw new ATMexception("Withdraw with cents is not allowed.");

if(floor(deposit) != deposit)
    throw new ATMexception("Deposit with cents is not allowed.");

That rounds the numbers down and checks if they are still the same number. If it isn't that means it had a decimal.

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