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Looking to create a clothing customizer that would take an image of a piece of clothing and give the user the option of changing the colors.

Can this be done in HTML5 or Javascript? Any pointers would be appreciated if possible at all)

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If there're numerous items on the page:

You may create "template": image with only those parts are transparent, which will be customized and then alter background-color.

If there're only few items.

Inject image into canvas and then manipulate it. There's a library for that: Pixastic

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I use a translucent image and a background-color property (CSS) to do this. You can change the background dynamically using Javascript.

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I should have been clearer, but I'm ooking to change regions of the image with a new color, various regions with different colors per image – MonOve Mar 13 '12 at 21:01

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