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I have a draggable popup window that has a title bar and an iframe in its content area. The iframe has a flash object embedded in it. It works great in all browser except for IE8 (IE7 and IE9 work fine). IE8 has a bad drawing problem when the window is being moved. Here's an example:

Open the example in IE8, or if you're using IE9, hit F12 for developer tools, then select Browser Mode: IE8 using IE8 Standards.

Drag the window around quickly and you'll see a very bad redraw of the iframe. If you remove the iframe and enter a paragraph, the problem goes away.

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Adding WMODE=OPAQUE to your object/embed of your Flash movie may help. It prevents Flash from trying to figure out whether it needs to deal with background opacity issues.

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Ah! I should have known! Thank you. – Redtopia Mar 13 '12 at 22:30

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