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i have a page with lots of hrefs link to arbitrary points of the page, say when i click the link <a href="#b">B</a> i should go to the point B. however i don't wanna update the history stack when i click the link, which by default will be udpate to /index.html#B. i can use g:Anchor instead of hyperlink to avoid updating history stack, but how can i really go to the point B in my page? my code looks like this: index.ui.xml

      <g:Anchor ui:field="_a">A</g:Anchor>
      <a name="a"></a>
        <h3>Point A</h3>
      <a name="b"></a>
        <h3>Point B</h3>


Anchor _a;
void onClickA(ClickEvent e){
    //how to goto point A in the page ??
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Maybe you can use Window.scrollTo() method ?

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i tried but it didn't work(didn't scroll at all): onClickA(ClickEvent e) {Element aElem = container.getElementById("a"); if (aElem != null) { Window.scrollTo(aElem.getAbsoluteLeft(), aElem.getAbsoluteTop();}} –  user468587 Mar 13 '12 at 22:31

What you possible can do is call: _a.getElement().scrollIntoView();. This scroll to the anchor such that it is at least visible.

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