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I have seen an addin (3rd party tool) in Visual Studio .Net 2003 to display dataset(Dataset Visualizer) while debugging mode.

Now this feature is available as a bultin in Visual studio 2005.

This is really a helpful addin for VS2003 where it made the debugging task easy.But i was unaware of such tools till i found someone using it.

I appreciate someone can suggest such good 3rd party addins or tools which makes the devolopers task easy?

Thanks in advance


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Take a look at Visual Studio Gallery, it's the place to go for Visual Studio integration projects

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Resharper by jetBrains is a powerful static analysis tool - it can help you refactor code, and quickly navigate it.

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jetbrains.com/resharper –  Jon Jun 9 '09 at 11:51

If you do anything with WPF Mole is great.

Also, the "XAML Power Toys" are pretty handy. (I'm a new user, so apparently I can only post 1 link, so you'll have to google for this one - sorry)

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and snoop blois.us/Snoop –  kenwarner Jul 27 '09 at 16:42


A bit obsolete with WCF, but indispensable if you have to create old-style asmx webservices.

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Web Deployment Projects

Not really a 3rd party (it's from Microsoft), but you have to install it separately:



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