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I would like to use mocha (the node.js test framework, not the ruby mocking library) as a library, rather than using the mocha executable to run my test.

Is it possible to run a mocha test this way? The examples all just call mocha libraries assuming they are already "require'd", and the mocha executable does all the "require-ing" ahead of time, but I would really prefer to do them explicitly in my script so that I can simply set +x on my script and call it directly.

Can I do something like this?

#!/usr/bin/env coffee
mocha = require 'mocha'
test = mocha.Test
suite = mocha.Suite
assert = require("chai").assert

thing = null

suite "Logging", () ->
  setup (done) ->
    thing = new Thing()
  test "the thing does a thing.", (done) ->
    thing.doThing () ->
      assert.equal thing.numThingsDone, 1
  teardown (done) ->
    thing = null
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The thing about open source is that, when you want to customize, you just have to look at the source! –  Farid Nouri Neshat Mar 14 '12 at 2:27
I was not requesting a change. I was merely asking if it was possible to use Mocha in the way I desired to. –  Eric Hartford Mar 27 '12 at 23:59
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Just two weeks later, I have a new answer: As of Mocha 1.0, Mocha does have a JavaScript API. See http://tjholowaychuk.com/post/19843730724/mocha-1-0

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This is simply because TJ is a beast. –  Eric Wendelin Mar 25 '12 at 3:08
Sweet deal - I had worked around the issue by writing a bash script for each of my tests. –  Eric Hartford Mar 26 '12 at 20:01
Link is broken. –  vaughan Mar 7 at 7:41
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It's possible, but certainly not recommended.

Look at the mocha binary's source (specifically bin/_mocha) to get an idea of what it does. In particular, look at the run function. Everything it's using—Runner, Reporter, etc.—is exported by the mocha library, so there's nothing stopping you from reverse-engineering it.

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