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Native Array in Emberjs does not support deep copy? I saw it just returning sliced array in the copy method. Is it a bug?

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Currently, that's an improvement going on Ember, reported by @adamjmurray:

There's also a proposition to implement it. You can use it like this:

var NativeArray = Ember.Mixin.create(Ember.NativeArray, {
    copy: function(deep) {
        if (deep) {
            return{ return Ember.copy(item, true) });
        } else {
            return this.slice();

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In Ember.Copyable the comments state that there should be a boolean parameter that if true would produce a deep copy, but obviously it's not implemented yet. You can always override it with your own method. Something like this would work for simple objects (note: untested so consider this pseudocode)

copy: function(deep) {
  if(deep) return $.extend(true, [], this);
  else return this._super();
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