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i have a weird problem with jscrollpane. I'm coding a horizontal image gallery with scrollbar and mousewheel functionality. The images are loaded via jquery's load() function. But if i load new content several times, jscrollpane stops reinitialising and doesn't display a scrollbar.

Here is my code:

$(window).load( function() {
var element = $('.scroll-pane').jScrollPane(
                        maintainPosition: true, 
                        autoReinitialise: false,
                        animateScroll: true
var api ='jsp');
    function (event, delta, deltaX, deltaY)
    api.scrollByX(delta * 360);
    return false;
        function() {
            var pos = api.getContentPositionX();
            var width = api.getContentWidth();
            var foo = pos/200.0;
            var jda = Math.floor(foo);
            var bar = foo-jda;
            var newpos;
            if(bar < 0.5){
                newpos = jda * 200;
            else {
                newpos = (jda+1)*200;
function () {
    var load_content = $(this).attr('link');
    return false;

Am i doing something wrong?

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