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jQuery has the .select() method, which lets you execute a function when text is selected in a text area.

Unfortunately, there is no corresponding .deselect() method for executing a function when the user removes a selection.

How can I detect when the user has unselected the text (for example, by typing, clicking, or defocusing)?

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$("textarea").select(function() {
    //do something here

$("textarea").on("blur focus keydown mousedown", function() {
    //do something else here

.on is used in jquery 1.7 and later. Prior to that you can use .delegate or .live


It was simplified for the example. You can be more specific with the selector rather than $("textarea").

Another example if you want to do something on blur focus keydown mousedown only if text has been selected in the first place.


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What if I press Ctrl key, the selection is still there, so possibly need to filter out all function/application/... keys –  didxga Mar 14 '12 at 6:15

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