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I need to draw a few small undecorated windows on top of another app's window. Each of these windows contains just a short label. It works fine but the windows are too big for my purpose. It seems as if Windows doesn't allow smaller than 104 x 27 toplevel windows, I might be wrong. I haven't tested on another backends. I'd like to shrink them to just the size needed to display the label. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Trying out things, I figured that setting the type hint with gtk_window_set_type_hint to GDK_WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_UTILITY allows the window to shrink horizontally but not vertically. I'm not sure what other implications this has. But it didn't solve the problem anyway.

I'm looking for a portable solution but platform-dependand answers are welcome too. Any help appreciated.

Edit: As usual, the solution is trivial. I had completely forgotten the GTK_WINDOW_POPUP window type.

Edit: Making the window GTK_WINDOW_POPUP has some unfortunate side effects which make it unusable for my purpose. I eventually got GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL to work as expected. The key was to do gtk_window_set_resizable(window, FALSE) after the the window has been exposed.

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Use gtk_window_set_resizable, this affects user resizes, which apparently includes resizes requested by the window manager. Setting it to FALSE therefore makes the programmatic value stick.

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