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I know github has released the Redcarpet gem for converting markdown to HTML but as far as I have seen it doesn't support (or recognize) Github flavored markdown such as

javascript var x = 1;

Anyone know if there is a gem (or some way with redcarpet) to handle the github flavored syntax, specifically I am interested in the syntax highlighting.


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Now better to use github-markdown gem.

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thanks for the comment, glad to see this gem is available and being updated. –  codecraig Jul 31 '12 at 0:48

You can use Redcarpet for converting markdown code to HTML. Here you have two examples extracted from Redcarpet project tests

def test_compat_api_knows_fenced_code_extension
  text = "```ruby\nx = 'foo'\n```"
  html = RedcarpetCompat.new(text, :fenced_code).to_html
  html_equal "<pre><code class=\"ruby\">x = 'foo'\n</code></pre>", html

def test_compat_api_ignores_gh_blockcode_extension
  text = "```ruby\nx = 'foo'\n```"
  html = RedcarpetCompat.new(text, :fenced_code, :gh_blockcode).to_html
  html_equal "<pre><code class=\"ruby\">x = 'foo'\n</code></pre>", html

I hope this answers your question

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