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Seems like newbie's question, but I just can't find the answer. Can I somehow see function parameters hint like in Visual Studio by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Space when cursor is in function call like this:

someObj.doSomething("Test", "hello, wold", 4|)

where | is my cursor position. Ctrl+Spase shows me that information when I start typing function name, but I want to see function's parameters list at any time I want. I'm using latest available Eclipse and PyDev

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Try "CTRL+space" after a ',', not after a parameter.
The function parameters are displayed just after the '(' or after a ',' + "CTRL+space".

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Cool, thanks! They should probably write such a thing in help... – Alex07 Jun 9 '09 at 11:42

Parameters will show up just after a '(', which is how I re-displayed mine for ages. I recently discovered that 'CTRL + Shift + Space' will show the parameters anywhere in a function call. Saved me some valuable seconds.

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