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print data


[<node id="memory" claimed="true" class="memory" handle="DMI:000E">
  System Memory
  System board or motherboard
<size units="bytes">
<capacity units="bytes">

Now how will I grab the attributes value like the data between tag that is System Memory and so on. Any help is appreciated.

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To get <...>this</...> you should use contents field, so in your case it would be:

print data.description.contents

To get attributes access them as they were a dictionary

print data.size['units']

And to iterate all the tags, use findAll that you already know:

for node in data.findAll(True):
  # do stuff on node
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beautifulsoup can create a tree. you can then iterate over that tree and get the attributes

check out the following link http://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/bs3/documentation.html#TheattributesofTags

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