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I have tried a lot of different things but not sure what to do. I have a mysql database table that I'm trying to convert into something usable for my iphone app. I need to store about 90 rows of data. Each row has 3 columns (2 NSStrings and an integer). I was thinking the best thing to store this in is an NSDictionary but I also have to load this into a pickerview and using an NSDictionary seems a lot more complicated than using an array. Also, performance-wise, my understanding is that if I use a plist, it will load all keys/values into memory whereas sqlite will not. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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You should create a class the represents a row. This class will have 3 properties (2 NSStrings and one int). So you will have an array that contains 90 instances of this class.

Alternatively, you can use an array that contains 90 dictionaries (each dictionary represents a row). But I recommend the first method.

Finally, 90 values are not a lot of data and you can use either a plist or SQLite. But I think SQLite will be an overkill for your app and that it will add more complexity without any sensible advantages.

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Thanks. This was the perfect situation for creating a class that represents the row. I did this and then loaded the data via the plist. Everything works. –  The Cheops Mar 15 '12 at 17:46
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There really isn't anything more or less complicated about NSDictionary vs. NSArray.

For only 90 rows of data, I wouldn't worry about the memory. A plist sounds like a sensible solution, reading the plist data into an NSArray containing instances of an NSObject subclass that appropriately encapsulates your row data.

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