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I am building a website. I have many folders. The highest layer is called FOLDER1. I have two folders in FOLDER1. They are FOLDER2A, and FOLDER2B. Inside FOLDER2B, there is a html file. I need to use a picture "DOG" in FOLDER1 in that html. If I don't want to use absolute path like as a path, how I can use a relative path like /Folder1/DOG.jpg <=== I know that this is wrong


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/Folde1/DOG.jpg should work, as the first / will start from the root of the application. You could also use ../DOG.jpg. – Tim Mar 14 '12 at 2:06
You are right . The ../ work. If you want, you can put your comment as answer, I will mark it as correct answer. Thanks – Marco Mar 14 '12 at 2:10
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../DOG.jpg unless I'm missing something here. .. means up one folder. ../../ means up two, etc. To access an image in FOLDER2A from FOLDER2B ../FOLDER2A/CAT.jpg

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You can refer to files in the parent directory using ../, i.e. ../DOG.jpg will refer to DOG.jpg in FOLDER1 if referred to from inside FOLDER2A or FOLDER2B.

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