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I'm trying to bind some list item links in jquery mobile to a click function with this js

$(document).bind('pageinit', function(event){

   $('a.comment_link').bind("click",function() {

    var comment_id = $(this).attr('comment_id');



Yes I know that this will only work if the DOM is present on pageInit(). If I try to use the live() function instead every time I click on a list item it fires, but then fires again for how many clicks there have been previously. So the first time I click on a link with class comment_link the click function works but subsequent clicks will make it fire 2x, 3x, etc.

In the docs it says I can use trigger("create") on the li item in the listview and then the bind() click function should pick up on those new DOM elements, but I still can't get it to work this way.

The function generating the list views is as follows where data is an array of comments and list is the jquery listview selector.

function generateComments(data,list){


$.each(data, function(key, comment) {
    var img;

        img = '<div class="icon_wrapper"><img src="'+comment.user.icon+'"/></div>';
        img = '';

    var prettyTime = humaneDate(comment.created_at)

    var item = '<li class="blank"><a href="userprofile.html" class="comment_link" type="'+data.type+'" user_id="'+comment.user.user_id+'" id="''">'+img+'<h4>''</h4><p>''</p><div class="stamp_wrapper"><p class="ui-li-aside">'+prettyTime+'</p></div></a></li>';




Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Is there a different way to rebind a click event handler?

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Try using delegate() method.....

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seems to work just fine. – Brian Mar 14 '12 at 11:54

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