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Hi how can I make the following script to insert work. First to check if table Exists if yes insert into table only, and I only want to insert into the table if the date range is not already in the table. Otherwise do select into table.

DECLARE @date1 datetime
DECLARE @date2 datetime
DECLARE @dailyEnd1 varchar(12)
DECLARE @dailyEnd2 varchar(12)
DECLARE @column varchar(100)
DECLARE @Script varchar(8000)
SET @date1 = '09 jan 2012'
SET @date2 = '15 jan 2012'

SET @dailyEnd1 = @date1
SET @dailyEnd2 = @date2

IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#table1') is not null

        IF NOT EXIST (SELECT MinDate, MaxDate FROM #table1
            WHERE MinDate = '02 Jan 2012' AND MaxDate = '08 jan 2012'
            GROUP BY MinDate, MaxDate)
                INSERT INTO #table1 (MinDate, MaxDate, [Week], OutletID, OutletName, Transactions, Spend)
                SELECT min(dailyEnd-1), max(dailyEnd-1), 
                convert(varchar(12),Min(dailyEnd-1), 104)+'-'+convert(varchar(12),MAX(dailyEnd-1),104), 
                OutletID, OutletName, 
                sum(Transactions), sum(Sales)
                FROM #table2 (NOLOCK)
                WHERE dailyEnd-1 >= @dailyEnd1
                AND dailyEND-1 <= @dailyEnd2
                GROUP BY OutletID, OutletName


    SELECT min(dailyEnd-1) as MinDate, max(dailyEnd-1) as MaxDate, 
    convert(varchar(12),Min(dailyEnd-1), 104)+'-'+convert(varchar(12),MAX(dailyEnd-1),104) as [Week], OutletID, OutletName, sum(Transactions) as Transactions, sum(Sales) as Spend
    INTO #table1
    FROM #table2 (NOLOCK)
    WHERE dailyEnd-1 >= @dailyEnd1
    AND dailyEND-1 <= @dailyEnd2
    GROUP BY OutletID, OutletName



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In your IF NOT EXIST check for existing dates did you mean to hard code the values of MinDate and MaxDate? – Tony Mar 15 '12 at 14:49
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Move your NOT EXISTS clause down in the WHERE after your INSERT.

Meaning, only insert where NOT EXISTS for the date range.

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