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Ok I my math is quite bad... Though, can anybody tell me some formula with which I get following? Any resources would be great too

I have a circle where I know the radius. And I have a chord where I only know the length of it. I now need to know the distance between the center of the circle and the center of the chord.

Any help is great for me!

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it would be Math.sqrt(r*r - d*d/4) where r is the radius and d is the length of the chord.

you can see this if you draw the line from the circle centre to the chord midpoint. from symmetry the line must join at a right angle, so you have a right angle triangle (hypotenuse length r, one side length d/2), and the above comes from pythagoras.

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fantastic, thanks a lot. have you any good resources for math-stuff? I always find either pages for kids or for einsteins... –  Luke Mar 14 '12 at 3:57
no problem. i'm afraid this was just from memory - i don't know where you'd find a good collection of this kind of thing. –  andrew cooke Mar 14 '12 at 4:00

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