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I'm just starting out with GTK# and I have a NodeView working and now I want to enable the columns to be resizable and sortable by the user (like the details view mode in Windows Explorer). I have poked around on the information superhighway but can't find help. Am I using the wrong widget for this??

EDIT: Okay, I found out how to make the columns resizeable but you have to set it on each column the way I figured it out. I'm still wondering if there is a way to make them all resizeable by setting something on the NodeView itself. Anyhoo, here is my resize solution:

myView.AppendColumn ("Genre", new CellRendererText (), "text", 5).Resizable = true;

EDIT part deux!: After a little snooping in other people's code it appears that I need to attach sort logic to the data store.

Thanks! Jason

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The documentation on this is pretty bad. You might find some useful stuff here: mono-project.com/ImplementingGInterfaces –  Swen Kooij May 30 at 8:15

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