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I have a project that I pushed to github in intellij via the "share code" option. I reopened the project today only to find that my git-specific options have been replaced by those for subversion. I tried cloning a version of my code into a new project, thinking certianly intellij could figure out where it came from that way, but to no avail. I still don't have the ability to push/pull/view history via intellij (though I still can via the command line in the project directory).

Is there a way to correct this? This is the current content of the vcs.xml file in the idea directory:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project version="4">
  <component name="VcsDirectoryMappings">
    <mapping directory="" vcs="svn" />

Thanks, as always (I loooove this forum)

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Change Subversion to Git in Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Version Control.

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That was it thanks. Note for others who find this question: Adding Git was actually not enough. I also had to remove subversion from the list. – Plastech Mar 14 '12 at 15:41

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