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I have some text files whose format looks like below: ...

000423|东阿阿胶|     300|1|0.15000|            |
000425|徐工机械|     600|1|0.15000|            |
000503|海虹控股|     400|1|0.15000|            |
000522|白云山A|        |2|       |    1982.080|
000527|美的电器|     900|1|0.15000|            |
000528|柳    工|     300|1|0.15000|            |  


when I use read_csv to load them into DataFrame, it doesn't generate correct dtype for some columns. For example, the first column is parsed as int, not unicode str, the third column is parsed as unicode str, not int, because of one missing data... Is there a way to preset the dtype of the DataFrame, just like the numpy.genfromtxt does?

Updates: I used read_csv like this which caused the problem:

data = pandas.read_csv(StringIO(etf_info), sep='|', skiprows=14, index_col=0, 
                       skip_footer=1, names=['ticker', 'name', 'vol', 'sign', 
                       'ratio', 'cash', 'price'], encoding='gbk')

In order to solve both the dtype and encoding problems, I need to use unicode() and numpy.genfromtxt first:

etf_info = unicode(urllib2.urlopen(etf_url).read(), 'gbk')
nd_data = np.genfromtxt(StringIO(etf_info), delimiter='|', 
                        skiprows=14, skip_footer=1, dtype=ETF_DTYPE)
data = pandas.DataFrame(nd_data, index=nd_data['ticker'],
                        columns=['name', 'vol', 'sign', 
                                 'ratio', 'cash', 'price'])

It would be nice if read_csv can add dtype and usecols settings. Sorry for my greed. ^_^

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Indeed, some more work is needed on the file readers. See here: Hopefully a magical developer will come out of the woodwork and help me out with this. – Wes McKinney Mar 16 '12 at 15:10

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Simply put: no, not yet. More work (read: more active developers) is needed on this particular area. If you could post how you're using read_csv it might help. I suspect that the whitespace between the bars may be the problem

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Thanks Wes. Just watched your PyCon video on Data analysis in Python with pandas from youtube. Great help! – Deadwood Mar 15 '12 at 1:34

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