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My boss recently asked me if I could move our website outside of the wwwroot folder and place it into "C:\MySite", on windows server 2003. I tried doing so, and setting this up in IIS 6, but had no luck. The website wouldn't start up, so I placed the site back into wwwroot.

So I have 2 questions: One, is there any disadvantage to moving a website outside of the wwwroot folder? I found it peculiar the site works fine in wwwroot, but won't start outside of it...and two, if there's no disadvantage, how can I get IIS to run the website properly if outside wwwroot?


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Site can be anywhere, especially on local machine. Check if

  • you copied all files to new location
  • you changed location of the root of the site in IIS Manager (Start->run->inetmgr)
  • check event log for any errors
  • check if accoutn app pool for the site runs under have permissions to read from new folder.
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