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I'm developing this app where I have to call a function written in PL/SQL that returns a boolean. As I understand, bool is not a type in SQL, but in PL/SQL, so what will the return type for the function be?

command.Parameters.Add("P_RETURN", OracleType.???);

(For the record: I have no control over the PL/SQL end of things, so I am not able to rewrite the function)

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You could call the SYS.diutil.bool_to_int function with the result of calling your function. For example:


From the documentation:

bool_to_int: translates 3-valued BOOLEAN TO NUMBER FOR USE IN sending BOOLEAN parameter / RETURN VALUES BETWEEN pls v1 (client) AND pls v2. since sqlnet has no BOOLEAN bind variable TYPE, we encode booleans AS false = 0, true = 1, NULL = NULL FOR network transfer AS NUMBER

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I had never heard or read of this package before... –  Mac Jun 9 '09 at 13:32
It's new to me too. psoug.org/reference/diutil.html Apparently a package of utilities for DIANA (PL/SQL compiler). It's not officially documented but it seems to be stable from 7.3.4 through to 11g. –  Jeffrey Kemp Jun 10 '09 at 3:11

You have to convert the PL/SQL only BOOLEAN type to a SQL supported type. I know, this is painful : welcome to the Oracle world. Here is Steven Feuerstein reusable way to deal with it.

As a side note, BOOLEANs are considered useless in SQL (by Oracle anyway).

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