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Is there a way to get the date from the jquerymobile's datebox as Date Object??

Because when I try to get the value of the datebox it comes as string. Later I did some operation to reduce the date by 1 and show it again in the dae box. But it's working in chrome but not in iPad's browser :( datebox

<input name="difereddelv"  id="datepickerAct" type="date" data-role="datebox" data-options='{"mode": "calbox"}'> <br/>

button click function

$("#btnPrevDate").bind("click", function(){
    var myDate = $('#datepickerAct').val();
    var today = new Date(myDate);
    today =  new Date(today.getTime() - (24 * 60 * 60 * 1000));
    console.log(today );
    $('#datepickerAct').val($('#datepickerAct').data('datebox')._formatter('YYYY-mm-DD', today));
    console.log($('#datepickerAct').data('datebox')._formatter('YYYY-MM-DD', today));


Can someone tell me please, how to get the date of the datebox and reduce it by 1 and show it again in the datebox textbox??

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You can get the date as Date object with $('#myDateInput').data('datebox').theDate;, where myDateInput is the id of your input which has the attribute data-role="datebox".

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To reduce the Date object by one day, you could do dateObj.setDate(dateObj.getDate()-1);. To update the date in the datebox component do $('#myDateInput').trigger('datebox', {'method': 'doset'}); –  Pablo Mar 14 '12 at 7:38
Dat is so awesome. Worked like magic. Thanks alot –  Jay Mayu Mar 14 '12 at 9:01

For some reason, $('#myDateInput').data('datebox').theDate did not work for me, but $('#myDateInput').datebox('getTheDate') did

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correct. jQM changed where they store things. In your first example, if you use 'mobileDatebox' instead of 'datebox', it will still work. But the second example is more likely to continue working for a long time. –  J.T.Sage Apr 16 '13 at 13:55

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