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How do i convert 5 click functions into one? eg

$("div#styleswitcher a.green").click(function(){
$("container").css({'background' : 'green'});


$("div#styleswitcher a.blue").click(function(){
$("container").css({'background' : 'blue'});


$("div#styleswitcher a.red").click(function(){
$("container").css({'background' : 'red'});


$("div#styleswitcher a.yellow").click(function(){
$("container").css({'background' : 'yellow'});

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This comes to mind:

$("#styleswitcher a").click(function ()
    $("container").css("background-color", this.className);

Assumption is that the background color should be the class name, as in your example

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Good and clean solution! –  tekBlues Jun 9 '09 at 11:56

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