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I'm using data-ajax="false" to link to a multipage document, as this is required in order to trigger a full page refresh:

This works fine within the full iOS Safari. But when I make the web app a Home Screen App, if you click on a link that has data-ajax="false", this will trigger the launch of the full Safari App, breaking the "full screen" appearance of my Home Screen App.

Is there any way to make a jQuery-mobile app that has a multipage document, that also can function as a fullscreen Home Screen App?

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<li><a href="/Account/SignOut" data-icon="back" data-ajax="false" class="logout">Log Out</a></li>

$(document).bind('pageinit', function() {
  $('.logout').click(function (event) {

This was a STUPID chase but after 10 hours we used this solution. It works great... but you shouldn't need this hack, Apple!

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Thanks for this Hupperware. I used a more generalised version... instead of "/Account/SignOut", use this.href. That will then work with any link that you give your chosen class to (in this case, logout, but you could use something more general). – Phil Gyford Nov 19 '12 at 14:49

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