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I wish to create a polymorphic class (User) as a particular type and use it later with conditions depending on the type of object.

class SuperUser < User
class Admin < User
class User

@user =[:user])

This will create a user as a User object. Only way I can think of creating and using @user as a particular type of object is by doing something like this:

@user =[:user]) if params[:user][:type] == "Admin"
@user =[:user]) if params[:user][:type] == "SuperUser"
@user.account = @account

if @user.is_a? Admin 


So, is there a better way to do this?

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You can define polymorphic_new class method for User

class User
  def self.polymorphic_new(params)
    case params[:type]
    when "Admin" then
    when "SuperUser" then
    else new(params)

And then in controller

@user = User.polymorphic_new(params[:user])

I'm not concerned the security question though..

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Looking at your code, I'm making one assumption. The params[:user][:type] is same as the class name. If thats the case the following code should work.

if params[:user][:type]
  @user = (params[:user][:type])[:user])
  @user.account = @account
  @user =[:user]
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Thanks for that. I think a cleaner solution will be to keep the logic in the model so marked Mik_Die with accepted answer. – Andrew Cetinick Mar 14 '12 at 23:18

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