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I'm trying to have a git pre-commit hook perform a syntax check on all Ruby code; there is one on GitHub at https://github.com/cypher/git-ruby-syntax-check.

It attempts to check .erb files by erb -x to translate them into Ruby code and then passes the output to ruby -c for syntax checking. Unfortunately, Rails 3 introduced a custom ERB parser that is incompatible with Ruby's standard ERB, and so the pre-commit hook is finding errors where there are none.

Is there some equivalent to erb -x that will output Ruby code from a Rails 3 ERB file?

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If you test all of your view, you don't need this check validation. –  shingara Mar 14 '12 at 8:56

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I have not dug much into either of these but you might try rails-erb-check (Git project) or this blog entry. I agree with shingara but the Blog Post describes a situation where this is useful and I wonder if you are in a similar position:

Diaspora is pretty fluid right now. This means we are have some green tests, some missing tests, and other tests that check intent (not implementation). In an ideal world, I suppose test cases would cover all of our bases...

Until then, I've added a new task to my fork, check_syntax:all. This breaks down further to the subtasks check_syntax:erb, check_syntax:haml, check_syntax:haml_ruby, check_syntax:sass, and check_syntax:yaml.

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If you get an "argument list too long error" for rails-erb-check , you can try rails-erb-lint which scans your current views folder.

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