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I have some entries which have month-wise data



Now I want this data to be sorted monthly via mysql query.

$q=mysql_query(SELECT id,action,
  from table 
  where action='feild name' 
  ORDER BY DATE_FORMAT(L11_data,'%m-%Y') DESC);


here L11_data is the one that has all the month values (eg May-2009 etc)

I am using this query but it is of no help. What I want is to show data month-wise from May-2009 to January-2000 Can anyone please suggest some code for this?

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You should order by STR_TO_DATE(L11_data, '%m-%Y'), assuming L11_data is already in the format "May-2009". If L11_data is a date or datetime field, you should order by that field alone.

Edit: Sorry, it should be %M not %m for "July" format. %m represents "07" format. %b for "Jul" format.

    id, action,
    L1_data, L2_data,
    L3_data, L11_data 
FROM table 
WHERE action = 'field name' 
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Thnx for your solution but it is showing the same result as of DATE_FORMAT...........dont know why :-( – developer Jun 9 '09 at 12:17
Yeah, I wrote %m instead of %M, sorry, check my edit. – Blixt Jun 9 '09 at 12:19
i was using this STR_TO_DATE() before but totally forgot to use %M instead of %m and after getting irritated i came here to ask this ......well thanx a lot Blixt query is running fine now.... :-) – developer Jun 9 '09 at 12:25

In your case the data may be legacy, but when creating new systems, you should store the data in an appropriate format. For month-year pairs in MySQL, it would be the date type. In MySQL, dates can have a zero value in month and day parts, eg "00-01-2000" would represent January 2000.

If you have your data saved in a precisely-typed field, selecting and sorting is way easier.

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yaa you are right.....i'll keep that in mind...thnkss :-) – developer Jun 9 '09 at 12:38

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