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I'm creating a game application from scratch with xcode for iOS, and I've use the OpenGL Game projet template to create mine.

I've searched a lot in the past few days, but I can't find any tutorials or example as to how I would load 3D model (via .obj files) in my application. I've found some documentation on loading them onto an app with a console script, but I need to do it programmatically.

Any help would be very appreciated

Also, my 3D models are created using blender

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did you find any solution on your problem? if so can you share? – Amourreux Jun 12 '13 at 14:41
Unfortunately no, I've dropped the project a while ago due mainly to my huge lack of time and experience with Objective-C. But good luck in your search :) – nevero Jun 12 '13 at 15:45

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The future will be here momentarily — SceneKit, available in OS X since v10.8, will be in iOS 8. It can build and render a scene with COLLADA (.DAE) models directly. No need for third-party tools or code, nothing complicated to learn.

Apple's documentation is pretty good but if you prefer then other tutorials are available.

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I recommend to use an Engine (like isgl3d, nineveh, Cocos3D, ...) for creating a 3D game, it will be hard if you use Opengl for a start.

Note: you can search for a list of game engine to choose the suitable one for you game, cause there is a lot of game engine, open-source or paid engine.

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OpensceneGraph has support for iOS and a lot of prebuilt code which can help you develop the game. It supports loading OBJ models.

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You can download the zip file from here and then run ./ 3DModel.obj in terminal .It will give you 3DModel.h file as output.

You need to use glDrawArrays instead of glDrawElements as the .h file contains array.

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Obj files are simple to parse and are well described on wikipedia. You should be able to load them in one or 2 hours. But if you want to load the materials you need to invest some more time in your engine and into loading the obj file.

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