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I have field "body" in my table (mysql) and there a lot of entries like:

</p><p>  &nbsp;</p><p>


A lot of spaces, new line, &nbsp, etc. How to remove it?

This not work:

text.replace('</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>', '</p><p>')
text.replace('</p><p>\n</p><p>', '</p><p>')
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text = ''.join(text.split()) - after that you can continue with your replacements.

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I would parse such a file in a syntax tree, and then removed there empty leaves. Then would generate the HTML file again. Unfortunately I'm not working in python, I cannot specify the helpful libraries for this.

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That would be the best way that would handle things like comments or attribute values containing "<p></p>" correctly. But in most cases a simple search and replace works, too. – noah1989 Mar 14 '12 at 8:28
lxml would be a good choice – Dikei Mar 14 '12 at 9:21

What @Jurlie Suggested is a Good approach. Consider using BeautifulSoup for this purpouse. It is a very mature and robust library.

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Try this regexp:

>>> import re
>>> text = '''</p><p>  &nbsp;</p><p>
... </p><p> 
...    </p><p>
... '''
>>> re.sub(r'<p>(?:&nbsp;|\s|<br \/>)*?</p>\s*', '', text)
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text.strip('>&nbsp;').strip(' ').strip('\n').strip('\t')
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