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I have a sample winform application called (Myapp.exe) with a form and a button. I will launch this application (.exe) from another application.

My questions here is. After launching the (Myapp.exe) application from another application (console or winform), i need to access the state of the button in (Myapp.exe) application. How this is achieved?? Is it possible? Can any one please me on this.

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this has already been discussed in here is just a same code just give it try.

  Application application = Application.Launch("Myapp.exe");
       Window window = application.GetWindow("bar", InitializeOption.NoCache);

       Button button = window.Get<Button>("button1");
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Can you share me some pointers where this has been discussed. –  Sanjaybxl Mar 14 '12 at 9:09
What is Application.GetWindow or Application.Launch? This might be C# code, but it's not using methods provided by the BCL... –  Cody Gray Mar 14 '12 at 9:20
Here is what i'm looking for… –  Sanjaybxl Mar 14 '12 at 10:17
So i think your query is over..good luck.. –  Subek Shakya Mar 14 '12 at 10:36

It's possible, but you need to realise that from an outside point of view a button is a window (with a handle) whose parent is the form (also a window with a handle), and its state may not be accessible with quite the same useful names as the properties in WinForms show it.

For example, this C++ code will work on a C# app even if that app is being run through the debugger:

HWND hwndCSharp = ::FindWindow(NULL,_T("Form1") ); 
if (hwndCSharp != NULL) 
    // Walk the window's child windows (controls / views): 
    HWND hwndChild = ::GetWindow(hwndCSharp, GW_CHILD); 
    while (hwndChild != NULL) 
        // Get state here... 

        hwndChild = ::GetWindow(hwndChild, GW_HWNDNEXT); 


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