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Our setup runs vcredist_x86.exe with Parameter /qb to make it silent. This works on all of our test systems, but unfortunately the installation still shows a message on a customer computer.

Please look at the image below - does anyone guess or know the origin of this message? I couldn't find anything here and on Google, someone said that it happens for English Windows XP (which the customer has) but not on the German.

InnoSetup has full administrative rights and lauches vcredist_x86.exe version 9.0.21022.8 in its [Run] section. Our application is not written in VC, but used the GAUSS Run-Time Engine which is.

While InnoSetup's 'Finishing installation...' is shown, the message install.res.????.dll comes up

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I had the same problem, whe tried to install vcredist_x86 with different from OS language (Windows 2003 Eng and vncredist Rus), when i download vcredist with proper language, it install successfully.

Also, you can see install log in %TEMP%\dd_vcredist*.txt In my case it was said:

[06/29/12,13:10:31] ========== Logging started ==========
[06/29/12,13:10:31] =====================================
[06/29/12,13:10:31] Failed to set lang to requested lang code 1033
[06/29/12,13:10:31] Failed to set lang to OS language 1033
[06/29/12,13:10:31] ***ERROR EVENT*** : Failed last resort to set lang to ENU - no resources
[06/29/12,13:10:36] =========== Logging ended ===========
[06/29/12,13:10:36] =====================================
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Just for the record, because I landed on this page while looking for a solution:

I had to download the SP1 version of the executable file, available here.

This link might be useful as well.

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Thanks, that worked for me (running 7 ultimate in UK english) – hithwen May 7 '14 at 12:52

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