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Recently, I go through the below point but I am unable to understand, how would,we activate the component to utilize within another application.I knew the process of giving package name and class name within the intent to call another application component.Please help me out to activate the component?

your application cannot directly activate a component from another application. The Android system, however, can. So, to activate a component in another application, you must deliver a message to the system that specifies your intent to start a particular component. The system then activates the component for you.

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here's a hint- Android Blog

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Just add android:exported="true" to your activity, to be visible in another application in the android Manifest file

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You can use an Intent to ativate a component in another application.

As per the dev guide:

An Intent object is a bundle of information... Principally, it can contain the following:

Component name: The name of the component that should handle the intent. This field is a ComponentName object — a combination of the fully qualified class name of the target component (for example "com.example.project.app.FreneticActivity") and the package name set in the manifest file of the application where the component resides (for example, "com.example.project"). The package part of the component name and the package name set in the manifest do not necessarily have to match...

Here are some example of how to use Intents

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