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How to code a simple,light weight web server in java which can take HTTP requests, runs HTML forms and returns requested pages. Im trying to integrate this server as a part of run time library of a newly developed language. I have got this one called nanohtpd which is just one java file, i scan compile at and run the server but when I open a html form,and click submit, the page which is put as the parameter for action ( action="some_name.php") ,the page gets downloaded instead of showing up in the browser. I mean the parameters are to be passed to the php file and the php file has the code to show the parameters in html form. but the page gets downloaded.

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Does browser save the file or just display the php code right in the browser? – Mike Clark Jun 1 '13 at 0:45

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The page gets downloaded instead of being rendered by the browser, probably because the server does not add the Content-Type http header with value: text/html.

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