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I want to create an installer from a Tomcat project. The tasks that have to do this installer is to ask the user several input parameters, which are then updated in a properties file, within the war file. After this, the installer will copy the war file to TOMCAT_HOME webapps folder with the updated properties file, which contains parameters that user entered. I tested several software like IzPack or Antigen, but I find none that can do what I ask. Do you know how can I do what i want? Regards and thank you very much

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It should be pretty easy to do this with a simple Swing application.

WAR archives are simple ZIP archives with a special layout, so all you need is to open the file and overwrite (or add) the updated properties.

Unfortunately, the ZipFile API doesn't allow to modify an existing ZIP archive (bug 4129445, open for more than 10 years at the time of writing), so you will need the truezip library.

That said, we prefer not to modify the WAR archives in any way. Usually a much better solution is to define a property (like com.pany.app.configPath) which gives you the path of the config file. This way, all users get the same WAR and the property file is external.

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