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i would like to know how to edit a binary file in ida pro (i just need to change one instruction!)

(its ARM binary)


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I think IDA used to have a feature to do that, but it's not present in the current versions.

You should just use a hex editor. Note the file offset in IDA and edit the file at that address. If you'd like to see the changes in IDA, use the "File" -> "Load file" -> "Reload the input file" menu item.

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this is the best method i've found too, unfortunate –  Matt Joiner Feb 14 '10 at 12:59

Possibly edit:


If the menu is not enabled, then use

Edit/Patch code/Change Byte

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this doesn't change it in the actual binary tho –  Matt Joiner Feb 14 '10 at 12:56

IDA 6.2 has the "Edit" -> "Patch program" menu enabled out of the box. No need to modify idagui.cfg. There is also an "Apply patches to input file" option that that will modify the target file.

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First do as Lundman suggested, then choose File / Produce / DIF file.

Then apply the diff file using an external tool

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