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I am using Axis2 for creating SOAP client in Java. The web service is in Java as follows:

package com.example.axis2.JavaObject
public class ABCService
// private variables
public int changeObj(JavaObject obj)
// code

The JavaObject class goes like this:

package com.example.axis2.JavaObject
public class JavaObject
public String a;
public Date c;
public int d;
// All setters implemented here
// All getters implemented here
public String[] getAttributesNames()
String[] arr = {"a","c","d"};
return arr;

The web service client is coded as:

package com.example.axis2.JavaObject
public class ABCClient
public int callChangeObj(JavaObject obj)
ABCServiceStub stub = new ABCServiceStub();
ChangeObj changeobj = new ChangeObj();
ABCServiceResponse resp = stub.changeObj(changeObj);

The bold Java line is giving error that setObj() expects com.example.axis2.JavaObject.ABCServiceStub.JavaObject not com.example.axis2.JavaObject

How do I resolve this error? Thanks!

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