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I'm working with Selenium 2 WebDriver in Eclipse and everything works fine.

But when I want to test my WebDriver Testcases without Eclipse many missing classes occur.

First it startet with :

NoClassDefFoundError com/google/common/collect/Maps

so I downloaded the guava.jar and set the classpath to it.

But now the next NoClassDefFoundError occured:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/json/JSONException

The errors always occur on createDriver();

I run the Selenium with JUnit in Java.

"JUnit only"-testcases work fine (set the classpath to junit.jar & selenium-java.jar)

Do you know which jars I have to bind in that eclipse already has bound in as default for the selenium testcases?

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Are you using a standalone server download?

If you download the selenium server package you'll get about 47 jars with it. I believe you need all of those jars in your classpath in order to execute. That package can be downloaded from here

Or the standalone package can be downloaded from

If you're not using it right now, the easiest solution might be to switch to the standalone version; otherwise download the full server & add all the jars to your classpath.

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Yeah thanks, I just wanted to post the same answer too, found it on the selenium page. Working now! – Coretek Mar 14 '12 at 10:56

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