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foreach( $tabs2 as $tab2 => $name ){
    $class = ( $tab2 == $current ) ? ' current' : '';
    echo("<li class='posts'><a href='?page=pigg&tab=help&tab2=$tab2' class='$class'>$name");
    echo(' |'); // If array last then do not display

I'm using a foreach loop to create a navigation for a WordPress plugin I'm working on, but I don't want the ' |' to be displayed for the last element, the code above is what I've got so far, I was thinking of using an if statement on the commented line, but not sure what the best approach would be, any ideas? Thanks!

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You can move the 2nd and 3rd echo above the first one. Then if (iteration== first_time) "do_not_echo_2nd,3rd". –  Neal Mar 14 '12 at 10:30

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The end() function is what you need:

if(end($tabs2) !== $name){
    echo ' |'; // not the last element
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Thank you, this worked perfectly, I'll accept this as the answer, but I got to wait 3 minutes. xD –  Kristian Matthews Mar 14 '12 at 10:34
@KristianMatthews, you nearly waited 2 years now btw. :) –  Thasmo Jan 27 '14 at 19:40
Minor tweak, I would cache end($tabs2) in a var before the foreach loop so that the end function isn't run every time. –  terraling Oct 9 '14 at 9:13

I find it easier to check for first, rather than last. So I'd do it this way instead.

$first = true;
foreach( $tabs2 as $tab2 => $name ){
    if ($first) {
      $first = false;
    } else {
      echo(' | ');
    $class = ( $tab2 == $current ) ? ' current' : '';
    echo("<li class='posts'><a href='?page=pigg&tab=help&tab2=$tab2' class='$class'>$name</a></li>");

I also combined the last two echos together.

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Thanks for the help, but this just immediately sets $first = true; then $first = false; essentially. –  Kristian Matthews Mar 14 '12 at 10:31
Hm, that's surprising -- it doesn't only echo out the break at the beginning of each non-first line? –  Waynn Lue Mar 14 '12 at 17:42

Something like this is possible:

$size = count($tabs2);
$counter = 0;
foreach( $tabs2 as $tab2 => $name ){
    $class = ( $tab2 == $current ) ? ' current' : '';
    echo("<li class='posts'><a href='?page=pigg&tab=help&tab2=$tab2' class='$class'>$name");
    if ( ++$counter < $size ){
        echo(' |'); // If array last then do not display     
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First thing you need to find out what is the last key of the array, and doing so by finding the array length, using the count() function.
Afterwords we gonna create a counter and add +1 on every loop.
If the counter and the last key are equal then it is the last key.

    $last = count($array);
    $counter = 1;
    foreach ($array as $key => $val){
    if ($counter != $last){
        // all keys but the last one
        // do something     
       $counter++; // add one to counter count
        else {
            // this is for the last key
    }// end else

}// end foreach

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Why not pop the last element first? So you do not need to check if the current element is the last element in each iteration.

The function array_pop(&$array) returns the last element and removes it from the array.

<div id="breadcrumb">
        $lastBreadcrumb = array_pop($breadcrumb);
        foreach ($breadcrumb as $crumb){ ?>
            <a href=""><?php echo $crumb; ?></a>
        <?php } ?><span><?php echo $lastBreadcrumb?></span>
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