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I re posted this question with details , i want to insert html pricing table with css in a php page . I have all files in cpanel , style 1 .html (table file) style1.css (css file of table) . I want to insert table in the right of my website ,i know there's a commands like echo , print and includes but didn't know how to use them . for example if i use echo$pricing table; command , so how'd i properly link html + css file to this command.

I want to insert my table code in below , just after the content .Check code for reference ,

<?php include_once('includes/Slider_Wrap.php');?>
         <div class="clear">&nbsp;</div>    
        <?php include_once('includes/Para_One.php');?>
        <div class="Para_Two">
            <div class="Para_Two_Con">
                <?php include_once('includes/leftContent.php');?>
                <div class="Para_Two_Right">
                <?php if($_SESSION['customerId'] != '') { include_once('includes/subMenu.php'); } ?>
                        <div class="Title_Four"><?php echo $pageTitle; ?></div>

                                  <?php echo $pageContent;
                                    echo $plans;

check this link for complete html table & php code , http://spiceygames.com/famous-brands/php-html-codes

I am new in php and didn't have much knowledge about it .I'd really appreciate if someone help my by step by step tutorial . Waiting for some quick response

Thank you

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There is too little information about your code. Plus this website is to ask questions, not ask if someone can fix your code. hire a freelancer for that.

I surgest following some basic html/css/php tutorials findable everywhere on google.

Spend some time on them and i'm sure you will figure this out.

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Hello , thanks for your response . Actually i want to do it my self , already researched on google . Just didn't understand how to link html + css file to php command like echo . Please check the complete code here link –  user1267173 Mar 14 '12 at 10:37
I'm sorry im currently at the office and that site is blocked :\ You should define css in a alredy included .css files and you can simply echo html code in php using the echo function like: echo "<span class='class_callable_by_css'>this is html</span>"; –  MakuraYami Mar 14 '12 at 10:50

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